May 26, 2024

A jazzy mashed potato from 1984

Dissolution aint a bad title for Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s short album. What seems to be being dissolved here is the basic structure of an 80s pop song. We are left with a sub-conscious rendering and looping of the tenets of 80s synth and sounds. I get glimpses of Inner City, Kraftwerk and Trans-Europe Express. Hot Chip and disco. There’s still enough structure to discern a beat, its not as archaic as the realms of Aphex Twin. The sounds are mushy, fuzzed and dizzy. But the beats, the synths, keeping popping out. There are really big sounds bursting through your speakers. It makes me feel alive, awake and just, well, good. The few lyrics, usually repetitious one liners, pass me by. Some seem a bit house-y, a bit meaningless. So this isn’t ground breaking, in some ways its a pastiche, but there are enough bass and quirks for it to be worth trying. In summary, its the musical equivalent of a passable attempt at a modern take on the mashed potato (or perhaps the potato waffle – the waffle is much more 80s).

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