May 27, 2024

Jessy Lanza Returns With New Video, A Gold Sequinned Cape and Album Release Date

Glitchy club soul songstress Jessy Lanza is back with a new video for ‘It Means I Love You’, the first material to emerge from her forthcoming album, ‘Oh No’, which will come out May 13th via the ever-excellent Hyberdub. It’s the Canadian’s first album since 2013’s icy, Polaris-nominated ‘Pull My Hair Back’. Lanza was a ghostly highlight of Hyperdub’s recent 10 year anniversary compilations, straddling the divide between weird, quirky sounds and something you will awkwardly try and dance around to in the kitchen/club/festival tent.

‘It Means I Love You’ pulses and chirrups around Lanza’s high-pitched vocals and stabbed synths before threatening to collapse briefly in a mid track squelchfest. (‘Squelchfest’ would be a cracking name for a festival. You can have that one for free.) There is something hypnotic about the beat and repeated lines about looking into someones eyes. An intriguing cut, this bodes well for the album. The video sees Lanza cutting shapes in a simply fabulous gold sequinned cape, first in a field then in some sort of greenhouse set up. The tongue-in-cheek nature of it all is confirmed when Lanza seems to pretend to be a ghost near the clip’s conclusion. I want a gold cape so bad. When I first went to Vevo to view the video, it had 21 views. Bizarely, the next suggested video was a Justin Beiber track with nearly 650 million views. The internet can go fuck itself.

‘Oh No’ is out on Hyperdub on May 13th. Seriously, check out some of the anniversary mixes they put out, Jessy features on 3 of them. Go, now.


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