July 19, 2024

Edinburgh Fringe: Hot Brown Honey


A big fan of the “Brief’s” productions, I was very keen to finally get a chance to see Hot Brown Honey after aspiring to do so for years. Billed as “Theatre/burlesque” you could be forgiven for assuming this would be yet another tantalizing striptease, however, step inside the Hive and you are set for an awakening.

With a soundtrack to gag over for days, and athletics Olympians would envy, Hot Brown Honey touches on the taboo of being a woman of colour, and also being on the road artists and mothers. As a White Scottish national I may not necessarily relate to the plight of the First Nation’s so beautifully portrayed in this show, but as a woman, my heart truly sang with pride at the powerful and defiant performance given by each and every one of the cast.

An edge of your seat performance, every move of the performers will have you entranced and I guarantee you will be leaving the show with not only sore hands but a sore heart. An absolute masterpiece.


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