July 14, 2024

Edinburgh Fringe: Andrew Maxwell – Shake a Leg

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Opening night of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival can be pretty daunting, even for seasoned Fringe-ites such as Andrew Maxwell.

A career spanning 26 years, Maxwell is famed for gigs such as Live at the Appollo, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and of course millennials will recognise him as the rib tickling narrator of Ex on the Beach, the Dubliner was back, this time on the Assembly Theatre stage at the prime time of 9pm.

Being a wet and crappy Wednesday night, you’d be fooled to think it wouldn’t be all that busy. However, seasoned festival goers and the savvy tourist know the opening days come with offers of cheaper tickets, a point Maxwell himself poked fun at, and the theatre itself was pretty packed.

Without giving too much away, the show is a laugh a minute selection of topical subjects, so if you aren’t very keen on hearing this guys views on Brexit, conspiracy theories and online abuse, walk away. You’d be daft to do that, though.

A fantastic opener to the Fringe.

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