May 27, 2024

Bury Tomorrow Bring Biggest Ever Headline Tour to Manchester

Bury Tomorrow wrapped up the second to last night of their biggest ever UK headline tour in Manchester on Friday (20th Dec).

After the release of their highly anticipated Black Flame album last year, the band have been on the road in Europe and the UK to headline venues, that Dani admits, they never thought in their wildest dreams they would play. One being Manchester Academy.

The set list comprised simply of their entire Black Flame album, and the crowd loved it live just as much as the album itself.

Not two minutes into the first song, ‘No Less Violent’, and fans were crowd-surfing their way to the front of the stage, falling over the barrier, high-fiving Dani and running back into the crowd with a face like they’d just won the lottery.

Despite this being biggest headline tour, it’s clear the band know how to work the crowd. At some point, Dani yells, “The pit isn’t big enough. You’re all babies, you’re all children. Open up that pit as wide as this room”. The crowd obey.

The band’s decision to play their entire ‘Black Flame’ album proved to be a simple but genius decision as fans head-banged to each song heavier than the last. ‘Black Flame’ was a particular favourite as the crowd screamed lyrics back to their idol.

Just when it seemed like fans didn’t have any moshing left in them, the four track encore released a new wave of wild. Consisting of a song off their ‘Black Flame Deluxe’ album, their brand new ‘The Grey’ and their older, but much loved, ‘Man of Fire’ and ‘You & I’.

If this Manchester show is anything to go by, Bury Tomorrow’s biggest ever headline tour was a huge success and showed than more than ever, fans adore these Southampton Metal legends.

See live photos from the show here…

Photos by Amy Harrison.

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