July 23, 2024

The Bottom Line at Jimmy’s Bar in Liverpool

The Bottom Line were just about to come on stage! It was a good night for music but the whole room’s energy was a bit slow. As soon as they arrived though whole room flipped and pushed themselves towards the barrier which made for a better atmosphere.

The band looked buzzed to be playing in a basement room in the centre of Liverpool to kick off their 5 date UK tour after finishing their Europe and UK tour with Zebrahead at the back end of last year. Yes there was some technical difficulty with the equipment but a light jazz drum beat and some terrible classic dad jokes to pass the time.

Their setlist was packed full of songs from their June 2019 release album titled No Vacation which the crowd were buzzing about, yelling the lyrics towards the stage and dancing to the catchy pop punk hooks.

I Still Hate You and Reasons were the last 2 songs of the night and they went off!! Would it really be a pop punk gig without at least 1 crowd surfer? Absolutely not!

The Bottom Line played Jimmy’s Bar in Liverpool on the 8th January 2020

The Support Acts

I just missed one of the support bands for The Bottom Line at Jimmy’s Liverpool as technology said doors were at 6:30 and I walked downstairs to see Red Winter, a band from Liverpool playing their last song unfortunately! They had a laugh with the crowd and thanked everyone for getting down early to see them though so hopefully I’ll see them gigging again soon!

Don’t Open Love Letters were an unexpected female alt pop duo, along with a guitarist. Who needs a drummer? Not these guys… a drum machine will do for now! They were loud, energetic and had a great vibe about them. One of their songs stuck in my head and it’s out on Friday 10th Jan called Dress Code which you should check out, they also treated us with a couple of covers, one of which being Paramore’s CrushCrushCrush.

Bronnie is up next doing a good job of getting the crowd hyped up for the headline act, throwing songs in like Lost and Found! Playing some of her songs including a little cover of Billie Eilish’s most recent song! She’s got her first headline show of the year on the 18th of this month over in Amsterdam

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