July 19, 2024

Za! – Loloismo



As I stomped down the pavement on the last stretch of my journey to work, every step strode more forcefully and a touch faster as I pushed this through my headphones. A percussive dream, it is all about the beat. At times it is a kitchen full of heavy objects, at others hammered synths, but mostly it is pounding drums. That said, cymbals feature big in the crazed out-of-tune brass jazz Empatando, which sounds like trombone warfare in a metalwork shop.

By turns, twiddling Arabic melodies, at others dropping beats down the stairs, this album is a new style with each track, holding in common only the manic invention and beat-frenzy. Random synth howls blurt out, with the twist of a knob and samples drop in. Mundo Estrella combines fuzzy Led Zep riffs with a missed-step ¾ beat. Other times, the band approaches the off-beat jazz of Medeski Martin & Wood. Occasional elements of thrash metal appear and the levels of lunacy and energy remain off the graph. A hip-hop track appears and is succeeded by a strange banging and screeching assemblage. Loloismo are a Spanish art duo and Loloismo, their second album, is named for the Spanish word for football chants. Where lyrics feature, they are chants, applied more for the sound than the meaning.

The variety of heavy objects being struck and nonsense shouted is remarkable and a lot of fun; this is an exhausting yet energising album, pounding your ears until your brain is a floppy rag.

Touring Britain in Feb 2016 (with Leeds/ Bradford’s Nope), I’m willing to bet they’ll be great live shows.

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