July 15, 2024

Whistle and I’ll Come To You by Boat to Row



“Whistle and I’ll Come to you” by Boat to Row is a simple yet oh so glorious music video which brings warmth, chills and an alternative side to upcoming British folk/indie music.

This charming creation focuses around the instruments more than the angelical chorused vocals of the band members as they bring the music video to life. BTR tend to give the audience a chance to familiarise themselves with the instruments during the intro’s to their songs such as “cloudy skies” and when listening we can feel charm of the music pulling us in.

Due to the different and interesting clash of instruments, it really gets the audiences emotions flowing. (Especially when Anna-Louise Bennett comes in with that violin piece!)

BTR have a sense of unity about themselves and this is brought out so well during their chorused vocals coming together at the climax of the video. Michael Kings’ deep yet boyish voice is sweetly met with the angelic vocals of Anna and it really pulls the listener in.

The video itself of “Whistle and I’ll Come to you” was so simple and plain with a few close ups and side shots of the members which fits perfectly with the music as it was as if the music was speaking for itself and it didn’t need any fancy effects. The video being so simple described the band so well as being a small, niche folk band from Birmingham who can produce such wondrous music without being set in extreme surroundings, crazy lights, huge effects.







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