May 21, 2024

Weird transition from alt-rock into trance



Weirds have just released Valley of Vision.

The track is accompanied with a nicely shot black and white video, featuring the band running slow-mo through a rain-sodden field.

They’re not a pretty lot, but they’ve got interesting faces.

The singing is too fast and distorted for the vocals to be discernible.

It doesn’t matter, I like the sound of the singer’s voice, its high pitched, pained and full of passion.

The guitars race during the verse, a grungey wall of sound hits during the chorus.

Towards the end of the track the music unexpectedly segues into trance music. The trance sounds pretty good, if it was expanded and played with, it could make a good B side.

Heavy duty metal guitars come in, all pounding and soldier like, finishing it off.

The video ends violently and tastelessly.

Makes me wonder about the lyrics.

Still, sounds good, and I think this band have got something.

Weirds are touring:

17 Mar – Picture House Social, Sheffield

18 Mar – Rough Trade Notts, Nottingham

20 Mar – Old Blue Last, London

21 Mar – Lock Tavern, London            

22 Mar – The Windmill, London

If you like Weirds there’s a fair chance you might like Bohica. Eight months ago Bohica put some grunge fusion out. Bohica’s guitars roll, they grandstand and buzz like Sugar, like Sugar and Bob Mould, they cry out like the Pixies. Lyrically they’re somewhere between Dig and Swervedriver. What the fuck are these four post-pubescents doing in the early 1990s!? They’re there because the grunge alt rock of that period was the most meaningful music ever made, it spoke of human drudgery, of the shitness of life, but it felt cool to be aware, it was a true friend.

Bohica – Keep Me Awake

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