July 14, 2024

Vaults @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester


Promoting their debut album, “Caught in Still Life”, Vaults truly treated their sold out audience at the Deaf institute, Manchester.

The informal, friendly manner of the night was set with the first few chimes of the opening bells of ‘Cry No More,’ which were abruptly stopped due to leading lady Blythe’s lost sustain pedal. “Someone’s going to die for this!” she joked, gaining one of many spatters of laughter throughout the night. Blythe owns her stage, chatting to the audience comfortably between songs and performing seemingly effortlessly. After locating said lost pedal, Vaults began their set.


The band have adapted their album for the stage in slight but noticeable ways. The beats hit harder, the music seemed heavier and louder, with drums prominent throughout most of the tracks. Softer moments on the album were replaced with sudden crashing sounds. The result was wonderful, with Vault’s music truly delivering the “epic” quality promised.

No expense was spared, with the band performing their Debut album in almost its’ entirety, along with 2014’s ‘Vultures’ EP. Tracks from the EP allowed the set some quieter moments, a break from the many layers of loud electronic beats, strings and soaring vocals that make up most of Vaults’ songs from “Caught in Still Life.” However, a noticeable absence was that of the bands cover of Randy Newman’s “One day I’ll fly away,” – no doubt due to the lack of the 150 piece orchestra which feature on the track’s recording.


Stand out songs of the night were “One Last Night,” which was greeted with audible glee from the audience, and the final song of the set, “Bloodstream.” With an extended outro, the band crashed their way to a crescendo, with Blythe displaying her impressive vocal range, soaring over pounding drums which grew and grew until the stage went black, leaving the audience craving and needing more.

A highlight of the set was without a doubt the unveiling to the audience of two new songs from the band, entitled “Bells” and “The Valley”. These new tracks stood out from the rest, sounding different in many ways, presenting new aspects to their music that Vaults haven’t displayed before, possibly hinting at the musical direction the band will take following their debut. If these tracks are anything to go by, Vaults’ future is promising and exciting, with more and more surprises definitely to be expected.


“Caught in Still Life”, the debut album by Vaults, is out now. 

Vaults played The Deaf Institute, Manchester, on the 6th February 2017.

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