May 29, 2024

un.procedure – ‘un.procedure’ – “cumulative interweavings of the trio drawing the ears ever-inwards”

14 October 2022

This might be an EP but there’s half an hour of packed invention here from this Birmingham trio. un.procedure. Alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi, synth player Piera Onacko and drummer and electronic artist Nathan Jones make a full sound, drawing together hard-blowing sax, groovy drums, thick electronic textures and searching sounds.

The sound is filmically rich and textured but ranges from hard pushing to the quietly exploratory. I’m drawn to the circling sax journeys but without the key patterns and battery of rhythmic tappings, it would be a lonely sound, whereas here it is part of an ever interesting dive into murky swirling waters.

The impact is psychedelic and ever-busy, with the cumulative interweavings of the trio drawing the ears ever-inwards and along with the flow of the music. This is a band to watch, fitting exactly into the UK jazz renaissance and showcasing three talents that, here, appear to be perfectly integrated as complementary and yet able to push the others to new places.

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