June 21, 2024

Twin Atlantic

All the way from Glasgow, Twin Atlantic head down to Manchester Academy 2 on their 13 date UK tour to display an insane performance of songs from their new album, Power.

The 30 minute change over from support act Bloxx was enough for the fans and gig goers alike to grab a pint and have a cig in the cold before the lights dropped. All you could hear was the rumble of the keyboard intro through the speakers and fans cramming and getting rowdy towards the barrier.

Twin Atlantic threw out Vivarium back in 2009, and a couple of EP’s before then, they haven’t really stopped since! Each few years pumping out albums, but with a 4 year gap for their new one called Power, the fire release of January 2020 is literally music to our ears! Hearing it live from the lads, Ross McNae and Craig Kneale with Sam McTrusy’s beautiful and distinct voice, what a night to remember.

Their punchy vocals flowing with the Alt-Rock instrumentals are such a damn good pair. Now with their 5th album spreading across the world, they have a comfortability with exploration in their sound and songs like Oh! Euphoria! and Power displayed a lil bit of that old school synth to tease and the hand clapping chorus’ we have all grown to love.

A side note for the evening: what a shocking display of energy from the majority of the crowd, about 20% contribution from the sold out show, it was completely baffling considering the band were giving it their ALL! Lead singer Sam stops before jumping into another new tune and says “I’m sorry but we are half way through our UK tour and this is on you, i’m rating you a 6 out of 10, what’s going on?” After that was mentioned things started to slowly but surely get a bit more lively from the crowd!

Overall though, what a cracking performance, get yourself tickets at their shows that haven’t yet sold out, grab a beer and enjoy the set!

Support act: Bloxx

To get the ball rolling we heard Bloxx, a 4 piece indie/rock/grunge vibed band from London, what a class mix! Lead singer Ophelia Booth smashed it on lead vocals and guitar, Their tracks played were a mix of Sea Blue, Go Out With You, Curtains and Monday, the sold out show were loving what Bloxx were laying down as a taster in anticipation for the Scots to head on stage. I highly recommend checking these guys out, they pack a punch!

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