May 29, 2024

Touching, tender, perfect piano by Chilly Gonzales

When I say the mellifluous piano music of Chilly Gonzales is music for falling asleep to, I don’t mean its boring, but rather it puts you into the most serene mood, which makes it the perfect aid for a siesta or post-work 6 o’clock slumber. It has hints of being classical without being too stuffy, there’s a hint of jazz without it being too hip and a touch of drama without it being Yann Tiersen. It has moments of tenderness, moments of playfulness. It is… yawn, stretch, involuntary swallow, smile… perfection.

Chilly Gonzales released Solo Piano III on September 7th 2018


Tour dates

Monday 10 September – LONDON Queen Elizabeth Hall

Tuesday 11 September – MANCHESTER Royal Northern College of Music



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