July 16, 2024

Tokky Horror – ‘I Found The Answers And Now I Want More’ – Explosive energy and attack

ALCOPOP! RECORDS     21st May 2021

Its only five songs but you couldn’t handle any more. An album might make your head explode. Despite being recorded virtually, the energy attack of this EP is as if it was live. Combining elements of the Prodigy, Atari Teenage Riot, Punk, Jungle and the bounce of Happy Hardcore; I’m pretty drained after the opener.

Punk was always about the attitude, approach and energy, so there is no law that it always has to be guitar and drums and this definitively isn’t. Keyboards and drum machines produce a blast I’m not used to hearing from that source. Attitude also comes from a proud LGBTQ+ identity. Zee Davine (of Queen Zee) writes, produces and makes the music (the other two member provide vocals and create a girl gang buzz. She says: “Creating intensity was the hardest thing for us, with none of it recorded in a room together—it was all virtual, and done with members sending takes back and forth through lockdown. I wanted to find a way to create that catharsis again.”

Full of intent, she goes on to say; “It’s playing a sampler like a punk would traditionally play a guitar. Sloppy but honest. It’s tongue in cheek, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. And yet we sing about our feminine lives, our purpose, our regrets, our queerness.”

The trio will be touring in November and, based on this, I can hardly wait.

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