June 18, 2024

The Vamps

Cambridge Corn Exchange 23/05/2019

They’re cute, they’re talented and they have hundreds of screaming girls under their spell. A hot Cambridge Corn Exchange was packed out with teenagers watching their idols through the screens of their phones.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fan girl atmosphere, catapulting me back to my tweens, watching ‘Take That’ for the very first time, twenty-something (Ah-hem) years ago! Every-time a band member caught the eye of an audience member they screamed, blushed and checked they caught the moment on camera. Because, you know if you didn’t film it, did it even happen?

A High energy performance kept everyone on a high until ‘Somebody To You’ gave time for the band and the audience to compose themselves once more. The heat increased with every song that went by, Front man Bradley Simpson even joked about turning his skinny jeans into shorts, I was right there with him.

James McVey- Guitarist

I was surprised that these guys aren’t your average manufactured band. They have fiercely denied being a ‘boy band’ on the premise they all play their own instruments. Front man Brad proved the fact by frequently swapping his mic stand for the piano. At one point during the set, Drummer Tristan Evans got up and took hold of Brad’s guitar while he, in turn showed off his drum skills.

Connor Ball – Bassist

Watching the crowd, it was funny to see the chaperone parents starting to bop about and mouth the words, undoubtedly they know from listening to songs on repeat through thin bedroom walls.

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