June 18, 2024

The TiPS – London, Bearded Theory and Boomtown

A little while ago I went to see the Skints at a restaging of an earlier gig in Cardiff. They were great – a really tight Dub’n’Reggae outfit who are doing something truly new with the genre; but there was one moment that really pissed me off. Josh (guitars) jumps forwards, shouting “THE SKINTS ARE, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, A PUNK BAND!”

I dunno, that just doesn’t sit quite right somehow. For the punk ethos to it all, there’s a little too much dub to the music for it to ever really hit that tone. Ska punk, to me, needs that intensity, the rush that bands like Sublime gave us at their raw best. And this is exactly what The TiPS are bringing back with a summer touring the new ‘Twist’s n’ Turn’s’ album (released 19th Feb).

The album itself is a statement of intent, with Skindred frontman Benji Webbe featuring on the opening track (backed up by a guitar solo Skindred would be proud of). At moments like this, they melt that barrier between Metal, Rock and Ska in a way that could sound completely juvenile if it wasn’t done with such absolute potency. But it works, unbelievably well, down simply to the musicianship and the energy they put into it. What’s more, the album isn’t just a one track smash-a-thon through punk rock. Tracks like ‘Wasting Time’ show another side, and the words to every track peel away new meaning with each listen.

But look, none of this would matter if they couldn’t do it live right? Well, just watch that video below. Not only can they do it live, they bring in a whole new dimension. There are times when the instrumental sections feel something like watching the Chili Peppers hitting a stage in 1989. Fusing funk, ska, rock and metal into one show?

And it actually works?!

Well there you go then.



The TiPS 2016 summer tour (UK dates in Bold):


May 12    PATRONAAT, Haarlem, Netherlands
May 13    De Helling, Utrecht, Netherlands
May 14    The Skiff, Hilversum, Netherlands
May 21    Markthalle, Hamburg (Altstadt), Germany
May 25    I Love Rock Party, Erkelenz, Germany
May 28    Dublin Castle, London, United Kingdom
May 29    Bearded Theory, Catton Hall, United Kingdom
Jun 10    Vier Linden Open Air, Dusseldorf, Germany
Jun 17    Lodenice, Benatky Nad Jizerou, Czech Republic
Jun 18    Rock the Hill, Deggendorf, Germany
Jun 24    Jera On Air, Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
Jul 16    Rockim Daal    Kirchenbollenbach, Germany
Jul 22    48er Festival, Herrenberg, Germany
Jul 23    48er Festival, Herrenberg, Germany
Jul 30    Magnapop, Krefeld, Germany
Jul 31    Rockbühne, Zweibrucken, Germany
Aug 01    Free&Easy Festival, Munich, Germany
Aug 05    Beatz & Bandz Summerfestival, Lottum, Netherlands
Aug 10    Paulusfeesten, Oostende, Belgium
Aug 12    BoomTown, Winchester, United Kingdom
Aug 14    Open Flair, Bad Sooden Allendorf, Germany
Aug 20    Last Chance To Dance, Dulmen, Germany
Aug 27    Small Town Heart Festival, Haltern Am See, Germany
Sep 17    Stadtschall, Schrobenhausen, Germany
Oct 29    Tolerance Festival, Ummerstadt, Germany

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