May 23, 2024

The Secret Service – Hoosiers

If I could sum this album up in two words, they would be ‘sheer briliance’.

To think this 4th studio album was based around a Spy Comic released in 2012 fits in so well with The Hoosiers persona as quirky and fun.

Opening up the album is ‘Pristine’ and the vocals are so harmonious they welcome you into the album followed by the guitar and drums which slowly march behind you.

Each single has it’s own vibe and ‘The Wheels Fell Off’ is quick with feels from The Killers and a slight touch of The Kooks.

It’s oh so catchy.

The numerous acoustic solos which welcomes the army of instruments back into the tracks bring you to your feet.

Who else would open up a track with robotic vocals singing “I don’t want to be the one to tell you that the world is broke” with the instruments dancing along with the words.

No one other than The Hoosiers.

During the chorus of ‘Up To No Good’, the angelical voices are joined discussing the sins and pleasures in adolescent life.

The tune is devilish and cheeky that can’t restrain from pulling you into the story and letting you go gently through those bewildering piano and guitar solos to close the tune.

The album goes from using upbeat and fast tracks such as ‘The Wheels Fell Off’ to beautifully slow songs like ‘Dancers in The Dark’. The Secret Service pull at your heart strings by pulling at each emotion from happiness and joy to heartbreak and depression.

Each and every single has its own personality and trembles over each goose bump on your body. Especially when the high note during “Runs in the Family” is so well hit by Irwin.

Closing the album is (My) Secret Service which is a slow, mellow tune where Sparkes’ vocals along with the rest of the band bid us farewell.

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