May 27, 2024

Tedeschi Trucks Band – ‘I AM THE MOON: EPISODE IV. FAREWELL’ – “wrapping up the monthly set of four with sweet yet tough blues”

FANTASY RECORDS 26th August 2022

Another lovely set of love songs. This time songs of leave-taking, resigned loss, gentle regret.

This is the fourth in the monthly series, rounding out the love story it purports to be based on; the Persian tale of Layla and Majnun. As last time, I can’t pin specifics to the songs here but they are definitely end of the love affair type of songs and songs of moving forward. The autumnal air is all around, though the warmth of Tedeschi’s voice is like a smokey bonfire after leaf-raking. Songs like ‘Last Night In The Rain’ speak for themselves , whereas ‘D’Gary’ is less obvious but has a lovely guitar solo from Susan Tedeschi, thoughtful and limpid. That’s balanced by husband, Derek Trucks on ‘Where Are My Friends’, with a beautiful Eastern-tinged solo full of regret and longing. Other songs, like ‘Another Day’ are blessed by both guitars, matching the two different instrumental voices beautifully. That song has lovely examples of their organ sound and harmony chorus making an uplifting, heavenly sound.

Like the third offering, this is absolutely gorgeous but only half an hour long. With a sound like this, I want to luxuriate and I want to hear an hour at least, floating me on pillows of sound.

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