May 23, 2024

Superbutt: You and Your Revolution

You know there must be something up when the first thing the PR Company does is make excuses for the band’s name. Well, it’s not the worst name I’ve ever come across but this Hungarian Rock act seems to be made up of real conundrums. 

The album art work was the first interest, various photos of decapitated women was the first thing to intrigue, is it me or do headless women just mean that you focus on their lady lumps quicker?…. Just me then huh! 

The opening track ‘Last Call’ has a Smashing Pumpkins type intro quickly followed by some serious if I can let the words cross my lips, ‘Rap Metal’ (confessional here I come). First listen reminds me of Clawfinger but at the opening track has guest lyrics from Zak Tell from Clawfinger so it’s not surprising really but it’s bloody good. 

So who releases an album that doesn’t introduce the true band until the 2nd track, maybe its an Eastern European thing but it seems to work really well and the subtle differences between the first two tracks really shows Superbutt in a positive light. 

The album consists of high energy metal with dark thought provoking lyrics that don’t allude to any glamour of reality from a band whose music is a passion not a career, yet. 

The Superbutt sound is the real find, large aggressive vocals backed by some serious meaty riff and to plagiarise the accompanying blurb, hellish grooves. For me, ‘Lift Her’ is the stand out track but there is no filler on the album even if the sound bites do get a little tiresome after a while. 

‘You And Your Revolution’ is a great album that has a taking on the world attitude, whilst giving it a good kicking at the same. It reinvigorates your belief in music and its ability to transcend continents, language barriers and even lousy band names to deliver rock music at a whole new level. 

EDGE 28.6.10

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