July 15, 2024

Sunset Sons blow the roof off the O2 ABC in Glasgow

Sunset Sons, an indie band, blew the roof off the O2 ABC in Glasgow.

They were met by a the roar of their faithful following.

Some of the crowd followed the band very closely, one had bought a t-shirt for lead singer Rory Williams, a t-shirt that Williams had complemented him on in a previous gig.

Besides Williams on lead vocals and keyboard, Sunset Sons consist of Jed Laidlaw on drums, Robin Windram on guitar and backing vocals and Pete Harper on Bass.

This is a band that gels perfectly. You can tell by the way they interact and play together that they’re having fun.

At times it was a struggle to hear Rory sing with hundreds of eager fans belting out their favourite tunes as if they were part of the band.

Rory Williams is cool, slick and charismatic. He held the audience in the palm of his hand.

Sunset Sons have a happy indie sound that you can’t but help sing along.

My favourite tunes of the night were “Bring the Light”, “Tick Tock” and “Lost Company”.

The O2 ABC was not a sell out, though you wouldn’t have known it judging by the noise made by the crowd.

I for one would go to see Sunset Sons again.

I look forward to following their rise as I feel there will be big things to come.

Sunset Sons played the O2 ABC in Glasgow on the 18th October 2016

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