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Live in Cambridge 28/04/2019

Brett Anderson

Entering to a cloud of dry Ice, Brett Anderson swaggers onto stage and grabs the mic stand like a long lost lover. Swagger and snake hips as Anderson introduces us to songs from The Blue Hour albums,starting with As One.

Brett Anderson, now in his fifty’s put on an energetic show any twenty something’s would be proud of. Using the mic wire as a lasso, he whipped up a storm on and off the stage.
Ripped shirt, bare chest and throwing himself into front row of loyal fans, Anderson is enigmatic to the core. People were reaching out for the slightest touch of Anderson’s bare chest or outstretched arms.

I had to feel sorry for those at the back of the room though, as Anderson spent a good proportion of his time crawling along the stage or down in the pit with his adoring fans, Forever the showman.

Cambridge, never quite known for their raucous crowds, finished off the last of Suede’s The Blue Hour tour on a high. A good mix of die hard fans who never never left Suede’s side and those regaining their youth left back in the 90’s. The latter, clearly more comfortable with tracks from Suede’s 1993 self-titled album and Coming Up released in 1996. Animal Nitrate, Metal Mikey and Trash were obvious favourites for the sell-out crowd.

His voice clearly suffering in places after a long tour, he still powered on and admitting his range had been limited before starting a new acoustic song Tightrope then falling effortlessly into Wild Ones.

Saving what some may say, the best until last, The encore started with Beautiful people. “If you don’t know the words to this one, I don’t know what the F*** you’re doing here”. And honesty, I agree.

The best part of the evening, even for those just watching was Anderson’s dedication to his fans. Known as The Insatiable Ones, he invited them all onto the stage to share with the band the very last song on the final night of the tour, passing the mic to them to sing Life is Golden with him. It certainly is with Suede back in it.

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