May 29, 2024

Storming piece of Casio bleep bloopery

Losange’s Feu Endormi is a storming piece of Casio keyboard bleep bloopery.

Its an incessantly delicious and delicate run through the prairies in spring time.

At the margins of the music industry there are quite a few people having a go at this kind of stuff to no real avail.

But this really deserves a listen – its not the work of a genius – but it is good.

If you like Losange, you might also like Kid Methuselah. Give Future Beat It a listen, its really something, a pure trance track aided by spliced samples of Michael Jackson and an enormous jazzy bassline. This is a classic. This is a guy who has a real producing talent, someone who seems to be a meticulous cut and paster.

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