April 18, 2024

Spice – “Spice” classic American alternative rock

DAIS RECORDS    17th July 2020

A classic slice of fuzzy emotional underground guitar rock. Elements of garage, fuzz and Fugazi blend with spikey pop-punk and big tunes, while urgency and propulsion characterise most of the nine songs. Take a listen to “Murder” for an introduction to the powerful punch of the speeding tunes. “26 Dogs” is a good representation of the slower-paced stuff – a nod towards the Velvet Underground from the bass, a touch of tortured emotions from the vocals and some niggling guitar shoe-gaze.

Under half an hour in length, Spice’s debut is up shouting in your face or pouring its heart out into a dark night, all alone. With a five-piece band, there is quite a lot of detail in the sound and, despite the garage overall effect, they come through in the mix. Victoria Skudlarek’s violin is a great addition, often not doing traditional violin things but adding to a doomy shoe-gaze buzz. The whole is melodically really strong and produced to bring out the individual parts just enough without detracting from the overall group sound. “Black Car” is a powerful sound and attacks with deep pounding drums, grinding bass and driving vocal, while the stand-out is the album closer; “I Don’t Wanna Die in New York”, containing all the epic range, speed and swing of the band.

This is a band that seems to have arrived fully formed, with the sound, songs and hooks of a well-loved band playing live to a packed house.

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