May 25, 2024

‘Something Better’ by Tom Grennan- An Optimistic Embrace

The latest single ‘Something Better’ from Tom Grennan’s highly-awaited album ‘Evering Road’ (due for release on 5th March 2021) is an interesting exploration of Grennan’s moving and powerful vocals.

Unlike his first venture into music, Grennan’s singles that have been released from his upcoming album (‘Oh Please’, ‘This is the Place’) are full of soul and a diverse range of sounds. Not only this, they all have an undercurrent of optimism and this is particularly exhibited in ‘Something Better.’ What is so compelling about this anthem is that since Tom wrote the song, it has taken on a whole new meaning as he says, “When I wrote Something Better, it was a song about me smiling on the outside but dealing with a whirlwind of dark thoughts and distractions on the inside.  Since Covid-19 and lockdown, the tables have turned! I’m smiling on the inside, and I’m constantly distracted with thoughts of the exciting, crazy and better future that is coming, and it’s just around the corner!”

This shift in meaning is represented within the adaptation of his sound, compared to his Top 10 Best Selling Debut ‘Lighting Matches’ in 2018, which included hits such as ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ and ‘Royal Highness’. His first album was an angsty display of Tom’s strong vocal range however with ‘Something Better’ it is clear that he is demonstrating just how impressive his talents are, as it shows another side to his capabilities as a singer and a musician.

The single is an upbeat, energetic piece, with the chaotic piano playing hidden within the verses and the mighty, assertive beat pumping throughout the song. Going along with this, the lyrics fully support the sound that Tom has created as he sings ‘I know what I want it’s clear as the day, yeah/ So nobody try to wipe the smile off my face, nah’ making it the perfect song to help people feel positive about 2021 and when the time comes, Post-Covid, for everyone to feel invigorated and capable of chasing after their dreams and have the enthusiasm for the future that Tom Grennan already does.

‘Evering Road’ is out 5th March 2021

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