March 1, 2024

So good, it could have been released on Warp Records

Warp Records eat your heart out, and by the way, Warp Records, how did you miss getting this one into your stable? Or is everyone doing this kind of stuff these days? That is to say or to ask, Warp Records, in the mid-90s did you unwittingly spawn  the musical equivalent of Japanese Knotweed? I spent a lot of the mid-90s losing myself in the distorted and fuzzed bush that was growing in the back garden of Warp Records’ homestead. I loved the constant shuffling, like bees searching for pollen, the old school keyboard chimes from the late 80s trance, the nothingness, the falling asleep, the falling off the train of one’s conscious thought. Suumhow’s ‘Crash-Reports’ has all of this. Its perfect really, a paragon of the genre. You can’t fault it, but you could ask why it has been done? It hasn’t moved the genre on. In some ways it feels a parody. Twenty years on, can you still really get away with choosing track titles which defy the convention of using words. Twenty years on is it still cool to superimpose computer code over the top of your album cover to give an effect of technical sophistication. Twenty years ago this kind of stuff represented the artistic zeitgeist, twenty years on it all feels a little bit ‘John Major’.

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