July 14, 2024

Simply Red are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Stars tour

Simply Red are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Stars tour.  They formed in 1985 and my life would have been very different without them. They are my all time favourite band. They have sold over 50 million albums making them one of the biggest Brit bands ever. British soul and pop doesn’t get much better than with them.

Mick Hucknall is the bands lead singer. I grew up listening to Simply Red’s music non stop as both my parents loved them. Stars came out as I was buying my own music and it was soon in my collection. Every song was amazing. It was the best selling album in 1991 and 1992. Something got me started, Stars and Thrill me are my top three from the album. 

Simply Red’s tour will have the running order of Stars in the first section. In the next section we will be treated to their classic hits. I do hope Holding Back The Years and Money’s Too Tight (to mention) will be in that.

And are we in for a treat! I once did a quiz and found out Simply Red were in fact the most played music while making love. That shows you the depth and emotion of their song lyrics. 

Tickets are selling fast. There are not many left for the Glasgow show this Wednesday the 16th of November.  They will have already played Aberdeen the night before. Then on to Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle , Nottingham then two London dates to finish off.  

Let’s hope that when Mick Hucknall is on stage in Manchester Shaun Ryder from Happy Mondays doesn’t join him (nothing against Shaun I love him too, but these two Manchester bands are worlds apart in genre). Years back, when both bands were in their heyday, Shaun was reputed to have gone for a few drinks before a gig in Newcastle. Returning to the venue, he rushed to join the band on stage. However he noticed that the crowd didn’t look like his regular fans. Mick then turned to him and asked “what are you doing here?” which made him realise his gig was elsewhere.  But what a story for the grandkids.


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