July 14, 2024

Shopping – Why Choose?

FAT CAT RECORDS     2nd October 2015

Rush in fast, get the job done and run out, leaving them gasping. That’s Shopping for you. A three-piece; simple, fast, exciting. From the rumbling bass to the chop-chop-choppy guitar, this is direct, sparse and pulse-racing. I have to reference the post-punk heady rush of bands like Spizzenergi or Delta 5. The boy / girl, narrator / commentator dialectic tips a nod to the Gang Of Four, particularly when the bass bumps and parades, but also to more recent indie label kings, Luxembourg.

Lyrics are refreshingly straight ahead – bitter, biting, from the heart – boys, girls, break-ups – all with attitude and sass. Other topics, like Passing Through, are about obsession, a song reminiscent of Punilux or Girls At Our Best. A typical song will have bouncing, tight bass, jabbing guitar and observational lyrics. These are made with simple ingredients and, like all great three-pieces, you can taste each of the elements, giving an authentic and memorable taste to the dish. Just take a listen to the closer, 12345, for an example of the clear and gripping sound.

This is Shopping’s second album and I already regret the time I have had to live without hearing the first. This band has spikes and jerks and makes me want to flail around. This is a band to appeal to anyone who likes things to sound real. Real people playing real instruments and singing songs about real things. It’s really real.

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