July 19, 2024

Shob – “Karma Obscur” – funky bass rules the show

April 2018

Massive amounts of showboating from French bassist, Shob, makes this album a lot of funky fun. Not that it’s all funky–there are hard rock moments too–but this leans heavily to funky tracks and jazz fusion.

A pair of open ears will hear a crossover between beats stepping on the one, jazz and a very occasional crunching riff. Not exactly well known outside his genre, Shob transcends his status here. This, Shob’s second album, offers huge potential, and not only to fans of the bass. This has a groove that runs deep and a slapping bass beat that keeps the boots funking.  Prog fans will like the fusion elements but they aren’t the prog flavours that send other listeners running, but more the line of musicianship, instrumental high-wire walking and complexity in composition. I’m reminded of seventies jazz-rock albums but thankfully bigger on the jazz than the rock, with a huge injection of that funky groove thing.

You’ll come across beatbox, soul vocals, guitar solos (not many) and fancy percussion–it’s a head-nodding muso treat for the brain as well as the toes. Shob averages about 160 shows a year and that practice shows in his instinctive runs and dextrous virtuosity. Which is why he runs masterclasses and is in demand as a sidesman. This set shows an ability to lead a band and put together great tracks as well as an album that has had repeated plays here at Vanguard Towers.

Funking great fun and a sustained achievement.

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