May 29, 2024

Sheffield Sound City 1993

I listened to Sheffield Sound City 1993 religiously. I think I must have taped every minute of it and listened to it over and over again. It was like a study of emerging alternative music in the UK, and would surely have to be my Mastermind subject of choice, would Magnus Magnusson come back from the dead and ask me.

All those tapes and stuff slowly decayed, and I got bored of them, and taped over or chucked, but still the event and the recordings are seared on my memory til death to us part.

There are some good recordings out there mind.

It featured the legendary Frank and Walters chant, I say legendary, I’ve never heard anyone ever talk about it, in any discussion that I have ever had, or read about it anyway. In any case, I did introduce it to a friend, and we sang it on the way to college, once.

Pulp played, though this was before they hit the mainstream big time. They were still known in obscure indie circles as a cute little Sheffield band.

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