April 24, 2024

See No Evil Is Dot Cromwell’s harrowing depiction of the city of Philadelphia

See no evil is a vivid narration. Dot Cromwell survives the fits of desperation that come with wanting a life better than what the hood offers him. The 4 track extended playlist highlights life in 7542 Elmwood Avenue, Philadelphia in harrowing detail, he promises to keep his faith in the process through tracks laced with violent imagery and poetic interjections.Uber n LA is a plight of bravery, he deals with the loss of his family, leaving his hometown in Philadelphia to chase his dreams and the raging wave of violence in America. The second track off the EP is 7542 Elmwood Avenue, a fierce track with bars like ‘’Never retreat until the mission complete’’ tucked in the rapidly fired verses. He further proceeds to ridicule the prison system in his country.

He recruits Doe stacks on str8 up. Stacks rarely fails to impress throughout his verse as he present a signature untarnished rap sung flow.  It’s easy to get distracted when Cromwell begins his verse though, the rather bass heavy vocals don’t quite resonate with the dark trap instrumental used on the track, it feels like a rude interruption when he continues the verse after Stacks sings the hook.

First day of forever is the last track and the epitome of his storytelling ability throughout the EP. His hope on empowering his people never falters as he spews lyrics encouraging black aggrandizement.

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