April 24, 2024

Sam Leak & Dan Tepfer: ‘Adrift’


Adrift is an extended suite for two pianos. Ten out of ten for hooking me in. This short jazzy piano number is addictive.  At the beginning there are the gentlest of lingering piano notes, you know, the dawning of a new day, that kind of stuff. Whatever you’re doing or however you’re feeling when you first start to listen it melts you into a puddle of hot chocolate sauce. There’s delicate touches that have me reminiscing on the old nu-jazz stuff that F Communications used to put out at the beginning of the century. These touches develop into an almost scatty playfulness, a variety of inchoate interludes, which swirl into each other and seconds become minutes, and minutes become tens of minutes. You loose track of time. Later on the album has a hum about it, the business of the city, the ceaseless hustle and bustle. The business focuses the mind like a shiatsu back massage, like looking at the line of traffic down the Champs D’Élysées whilst atop the Arc de Triomphe. That’s right, it kind of has me as a tourist wondering through the streets of Paris, jazz often does this to me, it kind of has me happy. And then before you know it, at the height of your meditative trance, it winds down to a stop and the music feels like a dream that you just woke up from.

UK Dates – Sam Leak Trio – ‘Adrift’ Tour:

18/05/2018             Wakefield Jazz Club                                Yorkshire
22/05/2018             Pizza Express Jazz Club                         London
04/09/2018             St Ives Jazz Club                                      St Ives 
02/10/2018             The Flute and Tankard                           Cardiff 
30/10/2018             The Spotted Dog                                       Birmingham 
16/11/2018             The Bebop Club                                          Bristol 
05/12/2018             SUJC                                                            Bournemouth 
13/11/2018             The Vortex                                                   London (ALBUM PARTY) 
16/12/2018             Southampton Modern Jazz Club            Southampton 
17/12/2018             The Whiskey Jar                                        Manchester 
21/12/2018             Hot Numbers                                              Cambridge


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