July 23, 2024

Ride may be back, but its Tashaki Miyaki who are bringing the shine back to shoegaze

Yesterday I read that Ride had reformed and have released their first single since 1996. Charm Assault could have easily been written, recorded and released in 1996.  Its got plenty of My Bloody Valentine stomach churning guitar wows. There’s a bit more structure to Charm Assault than some of the stuff Ride were famous for in the early 90s, its a bit more song with verse and chorus.

Charm Assault is an alright kind of tune, but its not the shoegazing ‘wall of sound’ flip-out that Ride mastered. Its not Leave Them All Behind, a fitting name for a track that literally installed Ride as the champion of any band wanting to find salvation in the reflection of their DMs.

But whilst Ride are back its Tashaki Miyaki who are bringing the shine back to shoegaze. Tashaki Mayaki’s ‘Girl’s on TV’ is gentler than the Ride of the early 1990s, but its suitably laid back, like loosing conciousness in a warm bath. The video is a kaleidoscope of colour.

Its a little bit Sarah Records, a little bit Cocteau Twins, a little bit Jesus n Mary Chain, a little bit White Love by One Dove (I don’t think anyone but me remembers that).

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