June 20, 2024

Processing insults directed towards Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is putting himself into the election to be MP for Islington North. He announced the decision here.

  • He wants to redistribute wealth, ownership and power.
    • Scrap 2-child benefits cap.
    • Wealth tax to pay for pay rises for people who earn less.
    • Invest in public service.
  • Housing.
    • Rent control
    • Massive council-house building programme.
    • Leasehold reform.
    • Everyone deserves a decent, warm, safe and comfortable place to live.
  • Protect rights of asylum seekers and refugees.


He’ll be up against Labour’s candidate¬†Praful Nargund.

People have discouraged Corbyn from participating.

Some have said Jeremy Corbyn’s time is up.

Says Alexander Gardiner from the Labour Party. What does that even mean Alexander?


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