July 14, 2024

Preview: The Cockroach Collective, Roughion and Special Guests – Gwdihw, Cardiff, 17th January 2017

So, let’s start by saying this – it’s rare that we get (or want, more accurately) to write about a band so new that their website is still under formation, and absolutely zilch of their music exists in the public sphere. In fact, to date, we’ve yet to even see a picture of this band across social media.

But last week, a standard Tuesday night at an open mic night turned up something special. Amongst an incredibly high calibre of acts (for those of you in Cardiff, check out Genevieve’s Open Mic, Porters Bar, every Tuesday) there was one that stepped up. Playing Funk and Rock originals evoking the sounds of the Chili Peppers and early Arctic Monkeys, with perhaps a hint of Twin Atlantic added to the mix – the three-piece had the crowd hanging on every riff and word. Energetic, pacey, with plenty of hooks – each song in the mini-set put improvisational prowess amongst some solid song writing, leaving enough of an impression to spawn this article. Without a doubt the best band you’ve never heard of, the band hit a real stage on the 17th of January – and if you do nothing else then be sure to see it. For those of you doing dry January, you won’t even want a drink. They’re that good.

On top of this, Welsh duo Roughion are bringing their distinct brand of electronic music to add to what looks to be a spectacular night. The pair’s recent set at the charged Maida Vale Studios topped what was a great year, as single ‘Ti and Me’ gathered support across the airwaves, and a handful of huge festival appearances saw the band move up the scene, gathering fans and followers as they’ve gone. Check them out below, and I’ll see you there.

Check Roughion out here, and definitely take a look at their Maida Vale Studios session here.



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