April 24, 2024

Petrol Girls

Feminist Hardcore-Punk band Petrol Girls brought their social and musical demonstration to Dublin and set the place alight.

UK/Austrian based Feminist Punk band Petrol Girls have been loudly promoting and supporting the rights of females and all gender minorities in a musical ferocity since 2012. Made up of Ren Aldridge (vocals), Joe York (guitar) and Zock Astpai (drums), with bassist Liepa KuraitÄ— recently departing the lineup. They brought their musical demonstration to Whelan’s last night on their second Irish date on this tour, playing Belfast the previous night and on to finish in Limerick city.

Lead singer Ren Aldridge declared the front of the stage as a female and gender/racial minority zone only “no macho bullshit” in her words. This being an important part of the Petrol Girls shows, as a band they promote support and openness for people who feel cast out by society so in Ren’s words “It’d be fucked if those people got shoved to the back and sides”.

Joined by Becky Bloomfield from Milk Teeth on bass for this tour, the band tore straight into their set with typical hardcore-punk energy. Taking breaks between songs to promote the current social injustice that the band is trying to raise awareness for. #RiseUp4Rojava is a movement bringing to light the criminal actions the Turkish state are committing against the Kurdish people of Northern Syria. Petrol Girls played a recorded voice message from one of the revolutionaries on the front line, which was received by applause from the room.

After they finish their Irish tour dates Petrol Girls will spend the month of February touring the EU and then commence a North American tour throughout March and April. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Be sure to follow the band on their socials to keep up to date with future tours and releases: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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