May 23, 2024

Palaye Royale, The Button Factory, Dublin – 16/2/20

Palaye Royale kicked off their 2020 world tour in The Button Factory, Dublin last night.

Canadian rockers Palaye Royale kicked off their “The Bastards” 2020 world tour in Dublin tonight.

On a very stormy Sunday night the crowd were out and queuing early for Palaye Royale’s headline show. The weather however didn’t dampen the spirits of the young crowd who were all out to enjoy the night. With support from Irish bands Greywind and New Pagans the energy was pumping from the off. It’s always great when support acts the love from a crowd that may not have heard of them or encountered their music before.

Palaye Royale took the stage with a high octane performance from the word go. Bursting into “Fucking with My Head” to start the set it was pedal to the floor and no one was complaining. With the whole band visibly buzzing off the crowds energy there was nothing but positive energy flowing. The band took a breather mid way through the set with lead singer Remington Leith taking a seat in the middle of the crowd and inviting them to do the same while singing almost A ccapella with the crowd.

Without a doubt if you have a chance to catch one of Palaye Royale’s shows on this world tour, be there. Yes it will be a predominantly younger crowd, but just hang at the back with the parents and enjoy the show. Great music and world-class performance guaranteed!

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