July 23, 2024

Nu jazz from Daniel Casimir & Tess Hirst

I was a regular listener to Giles Peterson’s Worldwide show in the early twenty-first century. The nu-jazz sound of Daniel Casimir and Tess Hirst would have fitted beautifully on Peterson’s show. Their album These Days has all the hallmarks of a socially conscious modern jazz record. Whilst it pays homage to classic styles from jazz, soul and funk it is also replete with modern flourishes. Breakbeats make Spirit World the standout track. There’s spoken word in the Magic Money Tree. There is enough discordance and freeform to make this a spiritual affair, something which you can drift off into. The lyrics hint at struggle, oppression and mourning. An undercurrent of double bass, which endures throughout the album, envelops the listener in a warm embrace.




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