July 16, 2024


I Still Need It- Single out now

Louise Bartle- Vocalist

NOVACUB are based in London and signed to LAB Records. Their debut single, ‘I Still Need It’ was released on 25 January 2019.

Louise Bartle has been drumming since childhood. After landing the gig playing drums for Bloc Party in 2015,she began writing her own songs.
Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack took immediate notice of Louise’s writing skills. “The moment I met Louise, I knew we had a unique musical chemistry,” Russell says. “We often joke that we must be twins because we are so in sync.”

Iona Thomas

Once off the road, Louise and Russell enlisted fellow Londoners, Iona Thomas and Tony Alda, and NOVACUB was officially born.
Bassist Iona, originally from Wales became friends with Louise through the London music scene. Similarly, Venezuelan drummer Tony Alda met Louise when the two of them attended many of the same open mic nights around town.

Louise & Iona

“Writing songs in NOVACUB has been a magical experience for me,” Louise says. “I have been able to express myself fully and let loose all my creative juices. Meeting Russell was vital – he’s helped pull out my creativity and has given me the confidence to stand up front on stage. Tony and Iona give NOVACUB our full identity and bring so much excitement into the band.”

Russell Lissack- Guitarist

Tony Alda – Drums

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Louise Bartle – vocals, guitar

Russell Lissack – guitar

Iona Thomas – bass, vocals

Tony Alda – drums

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