July 15, 2024

Nitro Circus LIVE returns to the UK this month!

This month the worlds biggest action sports entertainment brand returns to the UK with their ‘you got this’ tour and will feature some of the best athletes action sport has to offer, all pushing the limit of their sports right in front of your very eyes, this is set to be the craziest live action sports show ever produced and if the previous tours are anything to go by we can look forward to some crazy contraptions similar to the famous Nitro bathtub too!

With this tour, Travis is making his debut as the executive producer to ramp up the action with the greatest, craziest, funniest show in Nitro Circus history.


“Nitro Circus is turning me loose to oversee the creative on this tour for the first time! With the You Got This Tour, I’m putting all of my best – and worst – ideas into one huge show, Expect bigger, brand-new ramps and even more ridiculous stunts. It’s going to be unreal! Look out, though. There may be a few rough landings.” Travis Pastrana


“It is one thing to watch it on Television, but live and in person, it is like seeing a UFO.  You can never fully appreciate it until you see it live.” Rob Dyrdek


Nitro is about finding where it’s not possible to go…and then going there.” Channing Tatum

Some tickets are still available and can be found here

For more information please visit Nitro Circus Live

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