April 24, 2024

Mmoths – Luneworks

BECAUSE MUSIC     11th March 2016

Chilled out and full of organic yet synthesised sounds, this is as rich and relaxing as a luxury chocolate biscuit.

Textures remind me of long-gone bands like the Beta Band and Tuung, while instead of being that new digital folk, this is blissed out back-beated post-party deep dreamers. There’s occasional background defocussed voice, flavoured of Anthony from The Johnsons. The set is built on digital textures but piano, when it comes, is lyric and poignant. Moods come and go, from the intense and internally raging to ethereally calm; all without words. It’s a bit of an unusual set and one that crosses boundaries, as likely to please shoegaze feedback fans as EDM adherents.

It’s the debut album of Dublin-based musician and producer, Jack Colleran, A.K.A MMOTHS. He’s created all the sounds, played all the music, assembled and produced the recordings, much of it in a friend’s spare room on a laptop. The results of long sessions hunched over the machinery is a cyborg – an organic album with a soul, made with machines. It’s one that got repeat plays at Vanguard Towers and slowly weaselled its way into the atmosphere.

This is the new psychedelic.

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