April 23, 2024

Michael Jablonka releases new track ‘Flump’ in time for his headlining performance


Make way for indie- rock’s rising star Michael Jablonka as he came out with a new track ‘Flump’ just in time for his headline performance in Brighton. The track features a fusion of the two genres which has been previously done by the likes of Dave Grohl, Jack White and George Thorogood.

Right off the bat, the song begins with a captivating guitar slide and drum beat leading into the riff of the song which is then later accompanied by the melody line. The vocals full of attitude which Is reflected through the lead and harmony line. This track brings together a mixture of rock dynamics, which is reflected through the skilful guitar playing, and pop melody which can be heard in the lead and harmony line.

Jablonka stated that the inspiration for the track’s name came from the riff of the song which ‘reminded him the marshmallow sweet Flump’.

27-year-old Michael, born and raised in London, has been performing gigs since the age of 14 as a guitarist for hire which lead to him performing festivals and touring worldwide. The performer has previously released music but the new track has incorporated a grungier sound that has accredited the star to be possibly the next Lenny Kravitz or Jimi Hendrix.

Be sure to see the rising star live headlining at the Brighton festival, The Great Escape, in the summer.

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Sat 19th May: The Queen’s Hotel, Brighton (Great Escape Festival)

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