July 19, 2024

Mellow Mood – “Large”- polished and deep reggae covering Rootsy ground alongside Lover’s Rock

LA TEMPESTA DUB / BELIEVE      6th April 2018

Large is very easy rolling. Smooth sounds and rounded deep bass notes from bass guitar and keys. The songs cover Rootsy concerns and are delivered in a sonorous and atmospheric patois. Topics from love to murder to war to oppression.

Songs include It Can’t Work, deploring the state of the system; fake news and other tools of Babylon. It’s got to break. Another Day has slightly wet sentiments about getting through another day and how it’ll work out if you avoid negative thoughts but, that said, it sounds lovely and sweet, so no problem. The title track is excellent and sums up the feel of the set. “Why would I want to live larger?” Why consume more and more, why not focus on quality of life, not quantity of goods. Eye Waata (“high water”) has the system drowning the singer again. Daddy passes smoothly and sweetly, hymning love for a father (God? Or a real dad?).

This sweet smelling album has fills and little melodies as sweet as Lovers Rock. There are bits of gentle dancehall toasting (without the beats) and the only strident, upbeat one is String Up A Sound, about sound systems.

This is the band’s fifth album and it shows in the polished and lovely sounds and ensemble playing. This band fits together smoothly and nary a feather is ruffled. Formed in Italy whilst at High School, thirteen years on, this is, by contemporary reggae standards, a young band. Having shared stages with Beck and with Damien Marley, they have a UK tour lined up shortly and this album will win them new converts.

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