April 18, 2024

Marlon Brando Island – A Post Punk Powerhouse

Marlon Brando Island are a trio based in East London, who play very loud, extremely energetic and powerful guitar music.

It’s risky, but I love the decision to use a celebrity’s name in the band name, they play passionate, deep and striking music. The trio are an emotional and expressive combination in all its glory.

The band described themselves as “trying to write about difficult subject matter and make that subject matter accessible under the veil of a pop song,” the trio have just released their new double A-side single including the songs ‘True Heroes’’ and ‘A Troubled Past’ which you can listen to through the link below.

When speaking about the song ‘True Heroes’’’, frontman Marcus Fulcher said, “This song originated as a dialogue between a mother and child, but I guess ended up as a bit of a prolonged peer into the abyss.”

‘True Heroes’’ has wise, razor-sharp lyrical content which proclaims itself to the distinctive guitar and vocal build that opens into an extensive and enticing barrage of dipping rhythms. The song lands the sort of forceful blow that the London trio will become famed for.

Their next single, ‘A Troubled Past’, is a gritty blast of avid post-hardcore. It delves into themes of apathy and self-righteousness – inspired by Fulchers experiences as a support worker. The tracks rawness lies within its original conception as a demo. Yet it retains an unsettling and elated feel. The song makes its mark as an ode to the lost as well as an exhilarating call to arms.

What binds this bands different influences into a solid alt-rock unit is the band’s shared belief that music can be transformational. The music should make such an impression on the listener that it may change them.
And with a sound as captivating as Marlon Brando Island’s, that change will only be for the better.




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