April 18, 2024

LILY MOORE / XOYO / 28.11.19

Last night, Lily Moore played a sold-out London gig, her first headlining show after months of opening for the likes of Tom Walker and George Ezra.

The gig was held at a Shoreditch club called XOYO, a lively yet intimate venue. Opening with ‘Why Don’t You Look at Me’, Moore explained she was still adjusting to not being an opening act, saying ‘I usually have to introduce myself but tonight I don’t have to’, marvelling at the idea that everyone in the packed XOYO club were there to see her. It quickly became clear that the crowd were in for a special night; Moore sounds just as good live as she does in the studio. Whilst her vocals have been likened to Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, I’d go ahead and put her in a league of her own. Her effortlessly raw and raspy vocals are a joy to listen to. There is a catch, however, to sounding this good on stage; I now only want to hear live versions of her songs.

Having recently released More Moore Mixtape, Moore performed several songs from her latest EP including ‘Undo’, a song which features R&B singer, Dan Caplen. Moore surprised the crowd by bringing out Caplen, who brought a captivating energy to the stage. Taking a breather in between songs, Moore jokingly confessed that she ‘never usually move[s] that much on stage’ and needed to catch her breath.

As the night drew to a close, Moore played ‘Better Than Me’. And whilst the song had only recently been released on her EP, with a video posted on YouTube shortly after, the song seemed somewhat familiar and instantly recognisable. With a catchy chorus and candidly frank lyrics about an ex’s new partner, ‘Better Than Me’ is the new drunken anthem you can sing along to with your best mates.

With an instantly likeable personality, frank and relatable songs, and effortlessly powerful vocals, Lily Moore is definitely a rising star that you should watch out for.

Photography by Cassie Barnard.

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