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Leeds Festival – Sunday – Rap God Eminem closes Leeds Festival with a bang

Leeds Festival – Sunday 27th

Eminem / Korn / Black Honey / Bill Bailey / Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes /
Marmozets / PVRIS / The Pretty Reckless / Wolf Aice

It’s the final chapter of the Leeds Festival weekend and people are already packing their tents up nice and early to make a quick getaway later in the evening. Before the great escape, we’ve another great set of acts across all stages to check out, before tonight’s highly anticipated return of our final headliner Eminem. First things first, there’s one final surprise act to get us straight down to the arena nice and early…


Wolf Alice
Republic stage

Wolf Alice were a Sunday morning surprise as they graced their presence on the Republic stage to the lucky bunch that probably heard of their announcement in the grapevine. Always a great live act, the North London outfit failed to disappoint and set up the day quite nicely. They suited this stage and really got the atmosphere bumping. They were the sort of band that would get you back on the bottle after nursing the three day hangovers from Hell. Big tunes like ‘Bros’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ pounded through the tent to really get the excitement levels up. A nice little surprise for a Sunday morning? Absolutely! (H.O)


The Pretty Reckless
Main stage

Enter lead singer Taylor Monsen and suddenly the main stage has a bit of sex appeal about it. The American rockers were ready to bring Download to Leeds fest with the heavy sounds of ‘Heaven Knows’ and ‘Make Me Wanna Die’. Monsen, dressed in a long leather jacket with knee high boots had a few gormless mouths pinned on her but she delivered one hell of a vocal performance and brought a bit of grit to the main stage. Like many others, there was a disappointing crowd but they didn’t let it affect them. Always a great one for a festival. (H.O)


Main stage

PVRIS hit the main stage for the first time at this year’s Leeds and Reading festival. Humbled by their line up position, the band delivered a performance to match. Like many others at this year’s festival, PVRIS might have been better selected for the NME stage of Republic stage but they took to the main stage like it was their home. Tunes like ‘Heaven’ and ‘You and I’ really got the crowd going, but only a small turnout limited the excitement. A great performance, like many others, was let down by a bare field of festival goers. The die-hards were singing their lungs out at the front only it didn’t quite do enough to get the atmosphere going. Not too many faults from the American three-piece, but a disappointing crowd did bring it down a little. (H.O)


NME Stage

The last time we caught Marmozets was back on the main stage in 2015 closing off a successful album cycle of their debut album ‘The Weird and the Wonderful Marmozets’. This year they are sandwiched in the middle of the NME stage line up with a few new tracks in the mix ready to kick off a new chapter.

Born and bred in Bingley, Marmozets love a good show in Leeds, and its clear from this performance they were more than ready to take the stage for this show! The full throttle ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ is the perfect set opener to get things kicked off with a few mosh pits as the band throw themselves all over the stage in typical Marmozets fashion. Brand new track ‘Play’ features in the set and sounds fantastic live as you would expect from hearing the lively track released recently. Other brand new tracks also feature in the forms of ‘Habits’ and ‘Major System Error’ which are equally as brilliant, which vows well for their new album if this is anything to go by.

Notorious for monkeying around, these guys are full of energy and put the crowd to the test throughout the likes of ‘Is It Horrible’ and ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ as front woman Becca Macintyre storms around the stage kicking and screaming. A loud and proud message from Marmozets to announce their return. (D.P)


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
NME Stage

If there’s one thing we know for certain today, it’s that Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes is a show not to be missed. Inside a packed out NME tent, Frank Carter and co. kick up a right stir of chaos all around from the off. ‘Lullaby’ has the frontman down at the barrier standing tall on top of the crowd, singing shouting and punching his way through the bouncing track in true Frank Carter fashion.

A set of belters including ‘Vampires’, ‘Snake Eyes’ and ‘Devil Inside Me’ have everything from mosh pits, circle pits crowd surfers and even a circle pit outside and around the tent. Yep, apparently it’s possible! The furious ‘I Hate You’ sings out the set in a stripped out potty mouth manner much to the delight of the Leeds crowd. Frank Carter proves himself once again as an incredible festival act full of chaotic fun and rock n roll, which is why he’s such a festival favourite here! (D.P)


Bill Bailey
Alternative stage

Leeds and Reading are the perfect arenas for comedians to try their latest material out to discover whether it will successfully gain them applaud or go down like a lead balloon. It’s safe to say Bill Bailey was never going to be the latter, delivering his hilariously unique show of stand up and musical madness. Some of the madness included a remix of the generic iPhone ringtone in several different genres, playing rock classic such as ‘Stair Way To Heaven’ with just cow bells, and then as a little offer of crowd participation Bill Bailey was asked to perform a heavy metal version of ‘Lady in Red’. It was pure mental, but packed with so much laughter as hiccups could be heard far and wide as the drunk festival goers staggered out of the tent in delight after seeing one of the true comedy greats. (H.O)


Black Honey
Festival Republic Stage

Black Honey are a name that keeps arising around us, so it was only fair to head down to the Festival Republic stage to see what they’re all about! Thankfully, it was worth the walk across the arena as their upbeat alternative indie rock is perfectly constructed for a nice sing along. ‘Hello Today’ and ‘Somebody Better’ are the perfect examples of tracks worthy of this stage, and ones that the likes of Wolf Alice would be proud of. Certainly a band to keep an eye on, especially with an arena support run coming in the fall with Royal Blood to get stuck into. (D.P)


Main stage

Like Jimmy Eat World on the Saturday, Korn were the nostalgic slot in the Sunday lineup. Crowds gathered in speed to hear the big named favourites of ‘Here to Stay’ and ‘Freak on a Leash’. Singer Johnathan Davis was bang on form with his sexy sidekick microphone stand kicking it to the next level. The traditional appearance of Davis’ bagpipes got the fans buzzing as the Californian rock band laid out the perfect reminder that they’re ‘Here to Stay’. These could have been that bit higher up in the lineup but were the spark needed before everyone got settled in for the main headliner. (H.O)


Main stage

Guess who’s back? Back again… Yeh we all know who’s back, as he has again chosen Leeds and Reading to announce his return to the UK. Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) did a similar slot back in 2013 to present some new tunes off the Marshall Mathers II album. Could this mean a new album for the Detroit rapper? I thin it is the case with NME recently confirming it will be happening this Autumn. If his new record ends up half as good as his festival performance, we’re all in for a treat. Smashing through hit to hit, Eminem had the crowd hooked on his every intelligently crafted lyric (especially ‘mam’s spaghetti’). For normally such a serious faced figure, Eminem seemed to have a humorous presence as well as a confidence you would only see in someone with such a legendary status. From gripes against the hated Donald Trump to references of his past addictions, Eminem’s choice of set sat perfectly from what we have known him to be… someone who doesn’t give two shits what others think. (H.O)



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