April 24, 2024

Kamara is not Sinatra, but he’s a better singer than you

I’ve only ever been aware of Chris Kamara from a distance.

I never saw him play football because he tended to play for teams that didn’t make the big time.

He went on to a career with Sky TV, which I’ve never subscribed to.

I’m pretty sure he’s been encouraging people to spend their money on betting, which, like dog shit with worms in, I like to steer clear of.

I missed his first Christmas album, which I hear was released to great success last year.

A week or so ago I thought I’d also give the cold shoulder to his 2020 follow up ‘…And a Happy New Year’.

But then I was struck by the following thought:

How could someone who deliberately styles themselves a pencil moustache make a bad Christmas album?

Difficult to argue against right?

So perhaps you wont be surprised to hear I don’t regret giving Chris Kamara’s album a spin.

The album is a smooth blend of swing and festivities.

Its Mellow Birds.

OK, Kamara is not Sinatra, but he’s got a much better voice than you.

On the easy notes he is silky and resonant.

On the harder ones he’s not too bad either. The fact that he sometimes resorts to talking loudly to cover for his limited range simply adds authenticity.

After all this is music for the twenty-first century – performed by the people who should be doing it – celebrities who we like to spend our time thinking about – not professional singers who we don’t know with their annoying focus on getting the pitch, tone and delivery right. Tut.

In sum, a viable proposition for any Christmas music junkie.

Likely to sell well in Swindon and Portsmouth.

I wonder if David Squires has a copy?

I’ll be listening to it a lot.

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