June 21, 2024

Jonas Brothers – Happiness Tour at Manchester Arena

There have been multiple sold-out shows for the Jonas Brothers first major concert tour in just under a decade. Nick, Kevin and Joe were lowered to the stage on a floating platform which cast silhouettes across the stage while their intro song Rollercoaster gripped the attention of over 10,000 fans.

Fans from all ages (Mostly mid to late 20’s) had been holding onto their youth of Disney Channel classics only to unleash their 13 year old screams any time the Jonas Brothers even waved towards the crowd. Manchester Arena packed out in time for the arrival of the pop trio.

They swiftly dropped the lights once again as the boys were running around on stage and a spotlight hits Kevin.. Is that the sound of the intro guitar from their 2007 smash hit S.O.S? I think so. The crowd are in hysterics as memories of an easier time come flooding in and lyrics have been safely tucked away at the bottom of their loyal hearts! Most Jonas Brothers fans are all grown up and can afford tickets to the show, also witnessing Nick and Joe perform their own songs from their solo careers while the band took a 7 year hiatus. 

The brothers released their latest album Happiness Begins back in June 2019 and are currently on a tour spanning back from October last year until the end of February, finishing off in Paris. We are still suckers for the Jonas Brothers as they’ve smashed the US charts at number 1 and got to the top 5 over here in the UK.

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