May 25, 2024

JahWobble and co. produce a stunner for 2020

I’ve missed the boat here a little, but judging from the number of views Jah Wobble’s single has received on YouTube so have you.

In early 2020 a collaboration of artists led by Jah Wobble came together to release, “A Very British Coup.” Andrew Weatherall, who died weeks after the release of the single, worked with Nina Walsh to add loops to the track. The single was released to coincide with Britain’s official departure from the European Union on January 31 2020.

Jah Wobble is regularly reviewed on Vanguard Online but this is the first time I’ve sat up and noticed. Maybe I should get out more?

The guitars on A Very British Coup are groovy, undulating and energised – like overexcited progressive rock. Their intensity reminds me of Deacon Blue’s Only Tender Love. Not an obvious association to make, but testament to the fact that whilst its a single for 2020 it also sounds some thirty years old.

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