June 21, 2024

I’m loving Equador’s post-party ‘Bones of Man’

It takes me back to the beginning of the millennium, when I used to listen to Gilles Peterson. Back then my mind was perpetually at work, writing and thinking, whilst my soul bathed in the rose petal sound of post-party chill. Llorca, Aqua Basino, 4hero, and of course, Henry Binns, from Zero 7, all helped soothe me into the working day, all provided me with an arm round the shoulder. I’ve moved on somewhat, to what I don’t know, perhaps just less music, but Henry Binns, now one half of Equador, hasn’t. As soon as ‘Bones of Man’ kicked in, my body warmed to it and I started reliving my life at the turn of the century. This has lots of lovely starry sounds. Bo Bruce provides sweet female vocals all the way through, melancholy rallies with proclamations of affection. Towards its end the album drifts into Cocteau Twins. I forgot I was listening to music at times, the physical experience of listening gave way to a dreamy sense of well-being, and strangely, of feeling loved.


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