April 24, 2024

IICSA reports that girls, disabled children and neglected children are more likely to be sexually abused in the UK

Not a surprising fact.

Most, though not all people, who sexually abuse children at male, and there are more heterosexual men than homosexual.

Also, people who do sexual abuse tend to factor in the likelihood of getting caught or found out, when choosing victims. A neglected child is be definition someone who no-one really cares about. Some disabled children lack the capacity to understand or tell about what is happening. They are more likely to be neglected too. Children in these groups are a good target for those who want to abuse.

Children in care also tend to be neglected, living in institutions or being passed on from foster carer to carer. Jimmy Saville targeted kids living in institutions. Cyril Smith also targeted kids in care homes. This tells you something about the fact of how disempowered children remain or become when they enter the so called ‘care’ system.


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